Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Difficult photos

Just a quick blog post about those scrappers block photos!

This layout is one which shows exactly the dilemma I often have about certain photos. I got my photos out (with a small mountain of patterned paper - I figured one of these would go with the dark background photos). But I did that thing where in the end I needed something to give the page a lift. And that lift came from the red stripe across the turquoise pattern.

Black Tie:

In the end, I like the white polka dots that frame the page and match the spotty letters, the sclloped edge seems to lift the square edges that were everywhere, and I tried to break this up more by cutting out the blck flowers to overlap the red card too. I'm pleased I didn't give up on these photos - all too tempting when it just doesn't quite work the way you hope!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Blogging - why bother?

I signed up to Shimelle's blogging class nearly 2 weeks ago now (and this is the first time I have posted!)

For me, blogging is about being brave - about publishing my own work, sharing my thoughts and ideas to the creative scrapping community. Blogging is something I've wanted to 'properly' do for ages, whatevr proper blogging is. So my aim now that I have made a start is to make some time each week for me to log on and share my ideas, thoughts and layouts.

Here is a recent LO of mine:

I am a member of GirlguidingUK and run a Rnger group (aged 14 - 26). I've just had my 26th birthday and this means that I cannot wear this uniform anymore :( I love the turquoise, the vibrance and it just shows that everything must come to an end. I can still wear the navy uniform though.

I wanted this page to jump out at me from my album, to reflect the youth of the Senior Section, and I wanted it to be fun!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

More current LOs


Forgot to mention in my last post that the papers were from the gorgeous Scrapagogo kit (thanks for pointing that out Emilie) as was this piece. I didn't have the heart to cut it up so instead continued teh stitching in gel pens over the black strip I added. The word was Robo'd by a friend and I used the scrap as my title! Recycling at its best. Photos taken at Hyde Hall, same as Miss You one.

Beacon of hope:

I LOVE sunflowers, they're so cheerful and always look for the light. I was so pleased to find a whole patch of them growing on a visit to Hyde Hall (yep, same place!) And despite the windy day I'm so pleased with this snap. I spent ages looking for paper that would do it justice and in the end I found a polaroid style frame and label worked best gainst a deep but vibrant backing. The mini flower embellies are hand made and the title made from yummy thickers and mini MM stickers.

Thanks for looking!

Must try harder...

Okay, so life seems to generlly have taken over since the autumn term started again. Major lack of blogging. However, I have signed up for Shimelle's blogging class. Unfortunately, I have since then be ill and not started but I WILL get onto it (I like that Shimelle's classes can be done in your own time!)

However - for now I post a new LO completed over half term with more to follow soon:
Miss You:

This layout is a photo of my sister and I on a day out when I went to visit her new house (all the way in Essex!)

I love these papers and felt they had exactly the right vibe for the photo. The journalling is disguised on the beams of sun and reads:

Dear Becca, even though we didn't see all that much of each other when you lived at home, I miss the fact that you are no longer close by, but in Essex... I'm happy for you - but miss you!

ps: I promise to be a better blogger!