Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I'm a World Explorer

I had an exciting Amazon delivery today! I ordered Keri Smith's How to be an Explorer of the World. It's by Keri Smith who's Wreck my journal I've had before. I love the way Keri approaches the world: no rules, no worries, just honesty and fun!

The opening page tells you to flick the book open to a random page and start. I did the 'Right Where You're Sitting' challenge. The idea is that you write 10 observation of the things around you. Here's what I put:

1. There is an empty paracetamol packet on the table.
2. The sound of the hob (my pasta cooking) is loud!
3. From here I can hear Dave pulling up in the Mini :) (turns out it wasn't Dave at all)
4. The photo frame on the hi-fi unit is wonky.
5. The paint roller (Dave's in the middle of painting the hall) casts an interesting shadow.
6. Kira has left the green cat toy ball on the floor under the curtain.
7. I like writing lists, it's calming.
8. Dinner smells good!
9. I really am tired but haven't allowed myself to stop all day.
10. Our sofa definitely has the slouchability factor.

What a wonderful way to take stock of all the little things around us!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Back to normality

So this week has been manic to say the least, we had a full on 5 days back at school and I had 30 children to get to know. I had a great week. Sadly there was no time for scrapping, although I am looking forward to re-starting the school scrapbooking club in a couple of weeks time and visiting Hobbycraft for some supplies!

Here are a few more of my creations from 2010:

Afternoon Tea

I love this photo! I didn't realise it was being taken (as with so many great photos)! But I love the effect. The piccie was taken at the Pooh Corner tea shop, and the pink is a Pink Piglet cake (how cute!!) One of the things I have been trying to work on this year is using up scraps - and this page was made entirely from left over paper and cardstock from other pages. I often find that 6x12" portrait is a hard size to scrap with but then sometimes it works for the photos you have (well I think so anyway!)

We need a photo
This page was actually competed as part of a challenge at a scrapping Cropfest weekend I went to. We all got the same kit on arrival and we weren't allowed to add anything to the kit other than adhesive, ink and we could use stamjps/ Sizzix for titles.

I felt really lucky to win the challenge (we all vote for our favourite and there is a small prize at the end) but I'm just glad I was able to scrap these photos that I love in a way I really like and makes me smile!