Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ways to combat scrappers block!

If you're anything like me, from time to time you just lose inspiration and can't quite make your LO work for you. It's so frustrating as often you know what you want to do but can't quite get there or you look at the photos you really want to scrap but can't seem to find any papers that match them. Annoying or what!

So I thought I'd post some of the techniques I use to combat this scrappers block!

1. Scraplift a layout
I tend to add LOs to my favourite's gallery on UKS and go back to these when I get block.

2. Inspiration book
I get a scrapping mag each month (SI) and after I've read it, go through and cut out any articles, sketches or LOs that I like and stick them in a book. Look back through this for ideas, I haven't yet not found this helpful!

3. Complete a challenge
If you have ever been to a retreat/ crop I'm sure you will have come up against challenges. When I feel as though I can't make something work I will turn to these. Here are a few challenges below to get you started:
a. complete a layout from start to finish in under an hour (harder than it sounds)
b. make a layout in monochrome
c. use song words as a title
d. include 100 words or more on your layout
e. scrap using only 2 sheets of paper and a pen
f. use an old piece of clothing somewhere on your layout
(thanks to the SA girls for some of these ideas)
If anyone has any challenges they have enjoyed doing, I would love to hear them!

4. Inspirations jar
Keep a challenge jar - get a (clean) old jam jar/similar and decorate. Inside put slips of paper with ideas you collect or challenges you would like to try then when you are stuck, pull out a challenge and do it! This always creates some interesting results.

5. Old albums
Look back through your old albums, even old stash, it's amazing because I always find something I had forgotten about or see an old technique I want to re-use. I could also recommend looking though other people's albums if you can get your hands on them.

6. Blog hop!
How could I leave this one off? If you need inspiration, look on the many scrapping blogs out there, there's always loads to inspire and get you over that scrappers block hurdle.

Snow day - no school!

Today school was closed because of the severe weather warning that was put in place for our area. I'm sure the children were delighted :)

But it meant that I had a day at home so I made the most of the time by scrapping of course! I made a mini book for Dave in prep. for Valentine's day and a layout about my blog (so I shall post a photo of my blog LO on my blog for you to see!) But I managed to leave my camera at school so it will have to be next week.

Tomorrow I will be posting ideas to combat scrappers block, we all get it, so I hope these coming ideas will be helpful.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Still snowing!

Well it's been an amzing week here in Berkshire. It's beeen snowing all week, every day a new layer of snow on the ground. The children have loved coming in to school each day having a snowball fight on the field before lessons start. I love the snow, and have some great photos ready for the school website and some for me to scrap too!
Although th edriving hasn't been so fun this week - very icy and slippy, I must be getting old as I'm looking forward to the roads being dry again! Although if I'm wishing I wish that I didn't have to drive to work in the snow and could enjoy it at home!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New layouts

This weekend was fantastic! I attended another Cropfest weekend - 12 girles scrapping for a whole weekend! I thought I would share some of my layouts with you:

Advent calendars
This layout was inspired by a magazine LO but it turned out nothing like the original! All of the colours are scraps except the backing card, I love the vibrancy of this layout, it's unusual for me to do a double but I think it works!
You mean I can choose?
This is a layout I have been trying to complete for ages. It tells the story of me finding a gluten free Italian restaurant in London. I really like bold colours at thw moment.

I had a play with some busines card pockets this weekend - I like the way you can slide embellishments in to give the page a more flexible look. These cost me about £1 from Asda for 50 - bargain!

This layout was completed as part of a challenge we had this weekend. The challenge was to onclude 100 words or more on a layout. The papers came from last month's Scrapagogo kit.