Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Advent calendars

Each year, my lovely scrapping friends and I embark on an advent swap. We set ourselves a budget of £15 - £20 and pick a name of someone who we are designing our advent calendar for. We then make/ buy 24 gifts to go into the calendar and present it in a way of our choice. This year I'm making for Claire whose scrapping style I love but we share the same likes for scrapping products.

Here are my efforts:

I keep a basket in my scrapping room that I add items to as and when I find them. I usually find myself going out at the end of November and buying the last 10 bits or so in one go.

I always lay out the gifts on the floor and decide which order I'm going to include to wrap the gifts in so that the recipient doesn't get stickers two days running.

This year I decided to spend more of my efforts on the gifts and less on the packaging. I know that Claire has limited space in her flat so I kept all the goodies in a Christmas gift bag and wrapped them in alternate coloured paper.

I hope she likes it! I love opening my calendar every day knowing that there will be new scrapping goodies each morning!

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